Course Intro


IH Graduate Research Seminar, Schedules for Terms 3 and 4, 2000


Term 3, 2000 Schedule


We will meet on Fridays 12:10-1:25, in Rm. W2033 for our sessions.


21 January Introduction; Proposal Preparation: Moulton

Coursepack materials #1-5.

28 January Critiquing papers; populations and inference; example: Moulton

Coursepack materials #6-7.

4 February Ethical considerations

Coursepack materials #8-9.

11 February The doctoral program: Tielsch

18 February  No Class

25 February  No Class

3 March  Sample size determination: Moulton

10 March   Critique; focus on research question selection: Best & Castillo

Coursepack materials #11-12.




Term 4, 2000 Schedule

(subject to change depending on advanced student presentation timing)


31 March  Randomization and stratification: Moulton

Coursepack materials #10.

7 April  Working up a Research Idea: Sazawal (if present)

              Proposal by advanced student: Rimoin

14 April Critiquing papers; focus on design/question matchup:  Beeche & Fong

Coursepack materials #13-14.

21 April  Critiquing papers; focus on sample size determination and interim analyses:   Wang

Coursepack materials #15-17.

28 April  Critiquing papers; focus on data sources/selection biases: Goodman & Sheen

Coursepack materials #18-19.

5 May  Critiquing papers; focus on ascertainment/measurement biases: Long & Noel

Coursepack materials #20-23.

12 May   Proposals by advanced students: Lescano, S-C Chang

19 May Critiquing papers; focus on analysis issues (assumptions, correlation, presentation, etc.):  Scott & Viswanathan

Coursepack materials #24-25.