Welcome to the Iranian Health Forum. 

The Iranian Health Forum is a forum for all those interested to meet, share knowledge, and engage in a process of mutual learning on issues related to health in Iran.  The Forum was begun by students at the Johns Hopkins University and is not affiliated with any political or religious body.  Its aims include the study of health and health care in Iran; the encouragement of collaborative endeavors between health professionals both within and outside of Iran; the progressive development of a body of expertise on Iranian health issues; and the periodic convening of meetings and conferences where such issues may be discussed.  All are welcome to join and to contribute their knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to the objectives of the Forum.


1) To educate all those interested about health issues of Iranians inside and outside of Iran;

2) To promote cooperative research and practice in the health field between professionals in Iran and other countries, particularly the United States.


Note: our Forum is temporarily dormant; please check back every half year to see if we have been resuscitated!

For any other information, please contact:  TBN


Links of interest:

  Ministry of Health and Medical Education (HBI), I.R. Iran

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